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Tekkon kinkurîto (2007) - animation / action / adventure
aka: Tekkonkinkreet
Tekkonkinkreet takes place in Treasure Town, a city with a fluid sense of reality—in most ways it seems like a gritty Japanese metropolis, but several characters, including our two heroes, Black and White, have supernatural powers. Black and White are street kids who can fly, and who watch over Treasure Town, though the source of their powers and their history as a crime-fighting team is murky—among the many storytelling flaws in Tekkonkinkreet is the fact that it's a superhero movie that never bothers to fully explore the mythology of its heroes. Once one gets past the vague sense of context and setting, however, the film settles into a mostly compelling story in which Black and White, who have exceptional fighting as well as flying skills, take on a combination of Yakuza gangsters and alien assassins who are trying to take control of Treasure Town. The specifics of this battle are regularly glossed over or ignored, but Arias keeps the audience hooked with a series of dynamically edited action sequences and a structure that keeps the film moving from one set piece to the next with a minimum of slow spots.

Shinobi: The Law of Shinobi (2004) - action
In the world of the Ninja, skill plays only a small role in determining one's rank. Kageru is strong, fast and extremely intelligent-the best in his class. However, his birth predestines him to the lower class of Shinobi. His friend Aoi finds herself in the same situation, and together they will be forced to question not only themselves but also some of the most sacred edicts of the Shinobi hierarchy. Because of this, a choice must be made; will they choose to follow their mission as dictated by the Law of Shinobi or break the age-old code and change their destinies?
Battle Royale (2000) - action / drama / thriller
aka: Batoru rowaiaru
In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of ninth-grade students and forces them to kill each other under the revolutionary "Battle Royale" act.
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978) - action
The anti-Ching patriots, under the guidance of Ho Kuang-han, have secretly set up their base in Canton, disguised as school masters. During a brutal Manchu attack, Lui manages to escape and devotes himself to learning the martial arts in order to seek revenge. In a short period of time he masters the deadly use of his fists... 7.9 IMDB
Tajomaru (2009) - action
TAJOMARU is the famous 'bandit' of the forest from RASHOMON. Whoever kills Tajomaru inherits his name, status and sword. A royal brother leaves his kingdom to protect the princess he loves, only to find a series of harrowing adventures along the way which lead him back to where he came from, and then disinheriting his past to become the bandit TAJOMARU.
Battle Royale II (2003) - action
Three years after the failure of the last BR program, a second act is forged and a class of students are sent to an island with one objective: kill international terrorist Shuya Nanahara.
Digimon: Runaway Locomon (2002) - animation / action / adventure
aka: Digimon Tamers: Runaway Digimon Express, aka: デジモンテイマーズ 暴走デジモン特急, aka: Dejimon Teimāzu: Bōsō no Dejimon Tokkyū
The evil Parasimon is invading the Real World on Locomon and the Tamers must stop him.
Devilman: Demon Bird Silene (1990) - animation / fantasy / horror / action
aka: Devil Man - Volume 2: Demon Bird, aka: Devilman: Siren, the Demon Bird, aka: Devilman: Thief of Souls, aka: Debiruman: Kaichô shireinyu hen
A sequel to 'The Birth,' Devil Man fights hordes of demons. Akira Fudo (Devil Man's alter ego), now infamous among the demons, must accept challenges, fight for his life, as well as come face-to face with the death of his parents and putting his mother's soul to rest.

There's a twist at the end regarding his enemy, which while slightly cliche for anime, would probably never happen in an American feature.
Sex and Fury (1973) - action
Reiko Ike stars as Ocho, a gambler and pickpocket in Meiji Era Tokyo. After sheltering a fleeing anarchist, Ocho runs into the three gangsters responsible for her father's murder, and runs afoul of various yakuza who want her dead. A European spy, played by Christina Lindberg, arrives on the scene and complicates matters.
Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice (1972) - action
aka: Goyôkiba
The first of a trilogy of movies featuring the star of the Zatoichi, The Blind Swordsman series, Shintaro Katsu. Hanzo is an incorruptible and unorthodox officer in Edo, as famous for his self-discipline and his love shaft as his sword. Against the backdrop of his magistrate's occasional rounding up of vagrants, Hanzo learns that an infamous killer is no longer on his island prison: did he escape or was he never there? Hanzo's investigation leads him to the magistrate's mistress, the killer's former lover. Hanzo pursues political questions that suggest complicity at the highest levels. Using sexual assault, he interrogates the mistress and later the favorite of Edo's most powerful woman. Can he get to the bottom of what's going on before powerful forces get him fired or killed? Lots of sex and violent action, so not suitable for younger viewers.
Hanzo The Razor 2: The Snare (1973) - action
aka: Goyôkiba: Kamisori Hanzô jigoku zeme
Against the backdrop of the Edo treasury devaluing currency and driving many into poverty, Hanzo Itami enforces the law without regard to status. He shows inadequate respect to the treasurer, who wants him dead. He finds a young woman dead following an abortion, and he enters a temple without permission looking for evidence. He tortures and then sexually assaults the temple's priestess to get information. He's then assigned to protect the mint from a notorious thief. There he closets himself in the bedroom of the mint's mistress. He waits. The thief arrives - but other crimes are afoot. Devalued currency, white slavery, and government corruption lead Hanzo to one conclusion.
Hanzo the Razor: Who's Got the Gold (1974) - action
aka: Goyôkiba: Oni no Hanzô yawahada koban
This is the 3rd and final movie in Shintaro Katsu's Hanzo trilogy. Follow the money. In a time of economic disaster for wage earners, Hanzo discovers a conspiracy among high officials to "borrow" gold from the shogunate's treasury and loan it out to the destitute, including impecunious samurai - exacting either interest payments or family heirlooms from the debtors. Along the way, Hanzo extracts a confession from a ghost using his assaulting methods, foils thieves, connects with Heisuke Takei a friend from his youth, offers protection to a forward-thinking physician Genan Sugino who has defamed his ruler, discovers a pleasure ring of young wives and a blind music teacher, and cuckolds a corrupt official under his very nose.
Zatoichi the Fugitive (1963) - action
aka: Zatoichi kyojo tabi
This is the 4th film in the Zatoichi series. Blind swordsman/masseur Ichi (known as Zatoichi, or "Masseur Ichi") angers a local yakuza gang when he defeats several of them in a wrestling match. When he finds that his long lost love Tane is nearby and romantically involved with a tough samurai in the employ of the gang, he remains in the village. Meanwhile, the young heir to the leadership is forced to confront his own fear and weakness when the gang insists he fight Ichi.
Daikaijû Batoru: Urutora Ginga Densetsu (2009) - action
aka: Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy, aka: Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends - The Movie
Ultraman and his comrades from M-78 (including a new Ultraman, Zero, the son of Ultra Seven) join forces with other allies to fight a massive army of giant monsters led by the evil Ultraman Belial.
Zatoichi And The Chest Of Gold (1964) - action
aka: Zatôichi senryô-kubi
Japanese w/eng subs

This is the sixth movie in the Zatoichi series. In the 1840s, Ichi, blind masseur and quick-draw swordsman, travels to the village of Itakura to pay his respects at the grave of Kichizo, a man he killed two years' ago. The villages in the area, after several years of famine, have struggled to raise 1,000 ryo in taxes they owe. The money is stolen while in transit to the governor. Ichi is accused as is Boss Chuji, a samurai Ichi respects. Ichi sets out to find the money and clear his own and Chuji's names. Along the way, he must face Kichizo's sister, some of Chuji's own gang, a corrupt governor, and his henchmen. Loyalties shift even as Ichi's moral compass stays true.
The Tale of Zatoichi (1962) - action
aka: Zatoichi Monogatari
IMBD link The first installment of the Blind Swordsman Series. Zatoichi is hunted by Samurai who don't want the secret of their insane overlord to get out.
Kanfû-kun (2007) - action
Kanfû-kun: A young martial arts student gets caught up in a series of Kung Fu adventures with a woman who manages a Chinese restaurant.
Gantz Live Action (2011) - action / sci-fi
Gantz Live Action: The movie (based on the manga series by Hiroya Oku)is about two friends, students who are killed by a train while helping a drunk on the tracks, only to awaken in an unfamiliar apartment. Gantz is the mysterious black orb in the center of the room. It “forces each of them to take part in a mission to hunt down and kill aliens, providing them with equipment and weaponry.”
Lone Wolf And Cub (1974) - action
This is the sixth and final film of the Lone Wolf and Cub series. In this film Ogami Itto and his son Daigoro finally catch up w/ the Yagyu clan, and Itto gains his ultimate chance at final revenge for the slaying of his wife and loss of his position as the Shogun's executioner. Superb martial arts action.
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010) - action
aka: Detective D
An exiled detective is recruited to solve a series of mysterious deaths that threaten to delay the inauguration of Empress Wu.
Early Reins (2004) - animation / action / adventure
Early Reins : A revolver holds six deadly bullets. Likewise, the train to Sunshine Hill holds Lola, Alice, Janette, Helen, Caroline and Margaret. Margaret is the daughter of a famous sheriff, Caroline is a young girl forced to defend herself on her own, Helen is a confident saloon singer, Janette is a caring doctor, Alice is as wealthy as she is deadly, and Lola leads them with her perfect marksmanship. The find themselves on a train escorting a man named Spencer from the frontier. He counts among his enemies an outlaw gang of notorious robbers. They're more than ready to take his head along with the train’s cache of gold if the girls can’t stop them!
Battlefield Baseball (2003) - action / comedy / horror / sport
aka: Battlefield Stadium, aka: Hell Stadium, aka: Jigoku Kôshien, aka: 地獄甲子園
Battlefield Baseball is a tough game--it doesn't end until all the members on the opposing team are dead. In this game the Gedo High team is composed of blue-faced zombies, and their opponents on the Seido High team know they don't have a chance at beating them unless they can bring back a star pitcher who has a lethal pitch called the Super Tornado, but who has hung up his cleats and has no desire to return to the game.
Gekijouban Makurosu F: Itsuwari no utahime (2009) - action / adventure / animation
aka: Macross F - False Diva
The galaxy songstress Sheryl Nome Ranka Lee Alto Saotome friends are traveling space along with the New Macross class ship -Macross Frontier- that contains 10 million citizens in search for new planets in which humankind can develop and progress. The perils of space are vast as itself the threat from the alien insect-like race Vajra will push all Macross Frontier fleet to an edge is this the ultimate humankind enemy or is there something even worse in space. Music songs will prove one of the most valuable human assets in the space even more powerful than combat VF mechas as it can reach not only humans but the space and beyond.
Kiba: Ankoku Kishi Gaiden (2011) - action / fantasy
aka: Kiba Dark Knight Gaiden
The spirit of Kiba the Dark Makai Knight influenced everything since the beginning. Though he called himself a Makai Knight, Kiba was no different to a Horror. Kiba’s spirit resides inside what was once a grey colored Makai Armor that’s filled with the dark knowledge of Makai Power. As Barago absorbed Horror after Horror, Kiba eventually deformed into an organically pure black armor with a cape. Kiba assumed full control over his host upon Meisha’s defeat by Kouga.

Actor and musician Masaki Kyomoto reprises his role as psychologist and counselor Karune Ryuzaki, the disguise for villainous Makai Knight Barago who is later taken over by the Dark Makai Knight Kiba, from the original GARO television series in a film revealing the character’s history as well as the character’s actions during the television series prior to his final battle. Mika Hijii also reprises her role as Kaoru Mitsuki, the female lead of GARO and one of Ryuzaki’s patients who Barago intends to use to revive the Horror Messiah. Singer Leah Dizon joins the cast of Kiba Gaiden as the mysterious woman known as Makai Monk Elda who directs Barago towards his goal.
Kibakichi: Bakko-yokaiden (2004) - action / fantasy / horror
aka: Werewolf Warrior
A werewolf samurai walks the countryside, finding himself in the middle of a village of monsters who feed on human flesh.
Azumi 2: Death or Love (2005) - action

Young assassins Azumi and Nagara continue their mission to prevent a civil war. In their hunt for Masayuki Sanada, who is protected by both an army and a dangerous clan, they meet Ginkaku, a person who shows a remarking resemblance with former friend Nachi.
Hôhokekyo tonari no Yamada-kun (1999) - action / comedy / family
aka: My Neighbors The Yamadas
The Yamadas are a typical middle class Japanese family in urban Tokyo and this film shows us a variety of episodes of their lives. With tales that range from the humourous to the heartbreaking, we see this family cope with life's little conflicts, problems and joys in their own way.
Sword of Desperation (2010) - action
A talented but troubled Edo Period swordsman, Kanemi Sanzawmon. Three years earlier, Kanemi killed a woman....
Gantz (2011) - action
After trying to rescue a man on the subway tracks, two teens wake up in a room dominated by a mysterious black sphere that sends them to hunt down and kill aliens hiding on Earth.
Gantz: Perfect Answer (2011) - action
aka: Gantz Perfect Answer
Gantz Perfect Answer: Perfect Answer begins several months after the events of the first film. Kurono (Ninomiya Kazunari) is still fighting aliens under the order of Gantz, a mysterious giant black orb, and he is close to reaching the score he needs to resurrect his friend Kato (Matsuyama Kenichi). Outside his night time missions, Kurono continues to live his normal life, spending time with his new girlfriend Tae (Yoshitaka Yuriko). Meanwhile, young pop star Eriko (Ito Ayumi) is being secretly ordered by Gantz to carry out assassinations, and cop Shigeta (Yamada Takayuki) inches closer towards finding out the truth about the Gantz missions. As the missions begin to get increasingly dangerous for both the alien fighters and the general public, Kurono discovers that the endgame for Gantz is quickly approaching.
Seven Samurai (1954) - action
A poor village under attack by bandits recruits seven unemployed samurai to help them defend themselves.

Lone Wolf And Cub: White Heaven In Hell (1974) - action
In the sixth and final film of the Lone Wolf and Cub series, the final conflict between Ogami Itto and the Yagyu clan is carried out. Itto is out to avenge the savage murder/rape of his wife, and has spent years hunting down the culprits. He gave up his high-ranking Samurai position to carry out the hunt while caring for his young son, the cub of the series. (synopsis and image added by moderator agentsoul)
Debiruman (2004) - action / fantasy / horror
aka: Devilman
Based on Gô Nagai's manga, about mild-mannered teenager Akira Fudô, who merges with a demon to fight other demons.
Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (2004) - animation / action / adventure / comedy
aka: 大活劇! 雪姫忍法帖だってばよ!!, aka: Naruto the Movie
Naruto Uzumaki the ninja-in-training knuckle-headed and his team are sent on a mission to guard Yukie Fujikaze, a popular actress starring the hit movie "The Adventures of Princess Gale." The crew is heading toward the Land of Snow, a land forever covered in snow, to shoot the final scenes of the film. When Yukie refuses to go and escapes from the set, she is brought back by force by Naruto and his teammates. But little do they know there are three rouge Snow Ninja lying in wait with a sinister purpose that forces Yukie to make a crucial decision and face her hidden past.
1911 (2011) - action / drama / adventure
A historical drama based on the founding of the Republic of China when nationalist forces led by Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing Dynasty.
A Better Tomorrow (2010) - action / drama
Brothers Enemies Killers
Hagane No Renkinjutsushi: Mirosu No Seinaru Hoshi (2011) - action / adventure / animation
In the lost holy land of Milos, the Elrics search for the truth behind an unknown form of alchemy. What secrets are hidden in Milos? Riddles must be solved and dangers faced before the truth can be found.
Hauru No Ugoku Shiro (2004) - action / adventure / animation
When an unconfident young woman is cursed with an old body by a spiteful witch, her only chance of breaking the spell lies with a self-indulgent yet insecure young wizard and his companions in his legged, walking home.
Karate Robo Zaborgar (2011) - action / sci-fi
In 2011, A Robo Legend Will Rise Again
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