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I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (2006) - comedy / drama / romance / sci-fi
aka: Saibogujiman kwenchana
A girl who thinks she is a combat cyborg checks into a mental hospital, where she encounters other psychotics. Eventually, she falls for a man who thinks he can steal people's souls.
Natural City (2003) - action / drama / sci-fi / thriller
In the year 2080, the world is connected by a massive computer network. Combiners have developed a process that allows them to merge the souls of human and machine/cyborg, wreaking havoc in a deeply divided society. This movie shares traits with other films like Blade Runner and Ghost in the shell. A visually impressive piece, with a strong emphasis on relationships. Genre - Sci-Fi, Dystopian.
Donggam (2000) - romance / sci-fi
aka: Ditto
So-eun (Kim Ha-neul) is a high school student who accidentally becomes the owner of a ham radio. As she transmits signals, she begins to talk with In (Yoo Ji-tae), who also attends her high school. After the two miss each other when they two decide to meet under a clock tower, they realize that they exist 21 years apart: So-eun lives in a politically tumultuous 1979, while In, situated in 2000, is a member of the relatively worry-free Internet generation.
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Eillieon bikini (2011) - comedy / sci-fi / romance
Watch Eillieon bikini: A city hero saves a girl but she is an alien which needs sperms to reproduce. She seduces the city hero who has taken a vow of chastity.
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Super teukgeup Majingga 7 (1983) - animation / action / sci-fi
Watch Super teukgeup Majingga 7:
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Amagedon (1996) - animation / fantasy / sci-fi
Watch Amagedon:

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